Friday, June 24, 2005

Happy early birthday to me!

After I almost bought the "Harvey Birdman" DVD for myself last night, my family announced that they had bought it for me.

Which makes VV a very happy girl.

I have heard tell that Stephen Colbert will have his own show, a spinoff of The Daily Show and based on the premise of "The O'Reilly Factor."

I just really hope they keep "This Week In God." It is one of the small joys I find in an otherwise crazy, mixed-up world.

Gotta git back to work- suddenly I'm all in-demand and stuff and have a column for the real paper, a column for a free Denver 'Zine called "Needles for Teeth" and a seamstressing job on the side, as well as moving preparations and trying to balance out time to spend with the sister before she heads out in search of the Heart of Darkness.

So blogging may be lighter than usual. I'll refer you to the triad of snark: World O'Crap, Sadly, No! and Norbizness to tide you over with biting commentary on the crazier wingnuts, a cavalcade of ugly kittens and RenewAmerica Noir and highly astute musical ponderings, respectively.


  1. I don't need this kind of pressure, nor do my musical ponderings wish to be called astute (looking up word in dictionary). Or maybe they do.

    Happy early B-day from every single Texan.

    "And you think I named *myself* Black Vulcan? Hell, no! I used to go by Supervolt. Black Vulcan was Aquaman's idea. And I said, well, maybe we should just call you White Fish."

  2. Happy B-Day! Random trivia apropos of nothing: I spent three months at a dead-end dot-com job with Stephen's niece, Joan. I knew her last name was Colbert, but I didn't make the connection until she saw my Jerri Blank desktop, and said, "Hey, my uncle's on that show!"

    also, don't forget to feed norby music before you go.

  3. Happy early B-day from every single Texan.

    Presumptuous bastard...

    Having said that, happy birthday indeed.

  4. Happy Late Birthday VV!

    Hope you have about a hundred more.....

  5. Your not late, Red. The actual b-day isn't until August but I'm already getting early presents. Doesn't get much better than that!

  6. Congratu-ma-lations, VV.