Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I give 'em all three goddamns . . .

So Dex found me free comp tickets to see the Rock and Roll Soldiers at the Bluebird last night, so I took the little sis and we had a grand time.

The Bluebird is on East Colfax, a part of town that used to be a lot seedier than it is now, but still holds on to that patina of a "bad" neighborhood. I kinda dig it. But the actual block that the Bluebird sits on is pretty nice. So when we tried to get into the theatre and we were all of 10 minutes early, it wasn't so bad when they told us that we'd have to wait outside. Since there wasn't a line, we decided to do some exploring and come back when we noticed that the place across the street had a banner in the window proclaiming their victory in Westword Magazine as having the Best Margaritas in Denver.

Me: "You wanna get a margarita?"
Little Sis: "Sure."

They were pretty awesome margaritas. And the restaurant itself was pretty cool, a little texmex joint called Mescal. And they were doing free tequila tastings. What kind of place gives away tequila on a Tuesday night? Answer: my new favorite place.

The first band was pretty good- a little group of beer punks called "Self Service." The second, "Gina Go Faster" had a great name but little else to offer . . . unless you're into that kind of Ministry hard rock, neck-vein-popping-vocal style.

And then there were the Soldiers, who were, as usual, really good. Most of the people at the 'Bird were seeing the band for the first time, so that was kinda interesting. This one really drunk girl kept dancing with my sister and I and slurring comments about the lead singer's ass and giving us both big, drunk-girl bear hugs.

After the set, the lead singer, Marty, was chilling at the bar, and in my margarita-plus-two-Stella-Artois-emboldened state, I went up and tapped him on the shoulder and told him that it was a great set. In the words of little sis, "he smiled and it was pretty."

So overall, a great night for a Tuesday and one that made me about a thousand times antsier to get my ass down to the city for good.


  1. Hey, the best part is, it meant I wasn't sitting at home, drinking my way through yet another televised game of verbal magnetic poetry from fearless leader.

  2. and i bet people actually clapped at this show.

  3. "What kind of place gives away tequila on a Tuesday night? Answer: my new favorite place"

    Spoken like a true tequila addict.

    You know you will have arrived when you no longer allow pollutants in your tequila or mescal, like that pesky salt and margarita mix, and you actually like to sip it, long and slooooow.

    Diggin' the cajun grub and tequila,... how do you feel about Guiness?

  4. Guinness is good for you. And it is delicious.

    There is a joint in Denver that sells Guinness Ice Cream. It is vanilla ice cream mixed with Guinness and caramel. Somehow it works.

    The tasting last night involved an aged, silvery-colored tequila served straight with a spicy tomatoey chaser of some kind. It was exceptional. I've never been one to do straight tequila but I can see how I might be tempted to do so in the future.

  5. Gina Go Faster was the first band "beer punks" to play at the Bluebird and Self Service was the 2nd. You can check GGF out at

  6. Guinness ice cream? Free tequila? Dang, I gotta get to Denver. And I thought my town was cool!

  7. jfaster-
    My mistake. You guys were much much better than Self Service.