Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I heart the Daily Show

This is an excellent little bit of video editing. Plus, I think that we should definitely use the name "Primesident Blush" to describe Bush and Blair on as many occasions as possible.

The thing is, Stewart doesn't even really need to do anything to most of the Bush clips. The jokes write themselves- or would, if Bush wasn't such a joke to begin with.

What did he think about meeting the president of the EU?

In terms of your Prime Minister, he's an interesting guy. He's a lot of fun to be around. He promotes serious business in a way that endears himself to people. And so I think his presidency has been an important presidency for the EU during difficult times, and he's handled it well. And I was going to say he's a piece of work, but that might not translate too well. Is that all right, if I call you a piece of work?

And of course, while Bush was uttering this perfectly assinine little nugget of backhanded, faux-hayseed cultural ignorance, the EU president did that classic face that all foreign politicians get around Bush. That face that says: "I am completely disgusted and terrified at the same time. This idiot man-child has the last say in the most heavily armed and wealthiest nation on the planet. How did this guy make it through the airport, much less four and a half years of a presidency?"

Like this:

and this:

and this:


  1. Funniest stuff I have read and seen all day!

    That's kinda sad in a way...

  2. haaaaaa, i'm freaking laughin' my head off all the way over here in asia.

  3. It'd be funnier if it weren't so dead-on accurate. The only way I keep from being terrified is to ignore it most of the time. And did I tell you I drink and smoke? That helps a little, too.

  4. Don't forget this classic: