Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just Say No

Bill Owens is veto-happy. He seems to really enjoy the status quo, which means he has voted down bills that:

Would prevent private road-builders from condemning property (thereby protecting low-income renters).

Make attacks on gays and lesbians a hate crime.

Limit the power of homeowner associations.

Increase funding to libraries.

Protect gays and lesbians from employment discrimination.

Cap gifts that legislators can receive.

Encourage the production and purchase of energy-efficient appliances.

And of course, the bill that would require all hospitals to notify rape victims of the ability to obtain morning-after pills.

There are more specific examples here.

Roemer still holds claim to more vetoes (27) than Owens, but it seems that Bill just can't help himself. He likes things the way they are: with religious zealots witholding information from rape victims, with homophobic supervisors legally firing their gay employees, with industrial giants "self-regulating" their energy standards and with the poor living in fear of the destruction of their apartment buildings. He could do without that Churchill fellow in Boulder, of course, but as far as everything else goes, it's easy to be Governor Owens. Just pay attention to your friends and say "no" to everything that suggests that a change should be made in the way things are done.

What's my point? Well, the thing is, we can't just rely on the new Democratic state legislature to get things done here in Colorado. We need a governor who, unlike Owens, sees the potential in changing the status quo. If Beauprez is elected governor, there will be very little our elected dems can do to break through the brick wall that is the Governor's veto.

Just for clarity:

Bill Owens

Scary Ventriloquist Dummy

(I get them confused all the time)


  1. Bigots, clowns and dummies oh my!! Those pictures make me shiver!! ;)

  2. Actually, ol' Mr. Owens passed Roy yesterday to go to 28.... ;-)

  3. Flying monkey, Prez Bush. You make the call... ; )

  4. Hey, our (Minnesota's) governor recently vetoed a bill calling for the creation of a state Poet Laureate. The bill had passed nearly unaminously, but he seemed to think it was, perhaps, a little too gay or something.

    The culture wars are getting stupider, if you ask me.