Monday, June 06, 2005

Leaving no stone unturned . . .

You know, it is just comical to me (or rather, it would be comical to me if it weren't so angering and depressing) how the gubernatorial race continues to be contested in Washington State. Hey, does any of this sound familiar?

Republicans say Democrat Christine Gregoire only beat Dino Rossi through a series of election errors, illegal votes and fraud. They want the election to be held again.

"This is the biggest mess I've ever seen," GOP attorney Dale Foreman said in his opening statement as the trial began last month. "The system is broken and it must be fixed."

"This is a historic moment," Republican attorney Dale Foreman said in his opening statement. He said the judge has "a historic opportunity to do justice and to restore the people's faith in our election system."

Why is it that Republicans can get away with contesting a statewide election, claiming fraud and gross incompetence, and yet whenever the same concerns are raised by Democrats, we're labeled conspiracy theorists and whackjobs?

Mr. Foreman, when we can get an injunction to thoroughly examine the Diebold machines in Ohio, when we can get the nationwide press to run stories about the tactics used in Ohio and Florida to deter minority voters at the polls, then we can talk about restoring faith in the election system. Right now, Washington is just another GOP power grab.


  1. Oh, Vestal Vespa, this is such a hot topic around here. The trial took place in my own town, and, despite the fact that I have not read the accounts in detail, I could not be happier with the outcome, as the judge basically took the Republicans' rope and strangled them with it. He said he would not be an egoist or activist judge and overturn an election based on the idea that some votes could have possibly been illegal. Without proof, you have nothing, he said.

    I have been swamped at school this week, but I plan a full account on my own Blog later this week. I mean, I feel I owe you and others a bit of local color from Wenatchee, Wash., one of the reddest counties in the red half of the state, where a well-regarded judge told patiently listened to Republicans for two weeks and then politely told them this morning to pack it up and go home.

    The Republicans announced they would not appeal. It's over. Finally.

    -- L.

  2. Hey Loganite-
    Although I've really only seen it from a student's perspective (and I've acquired a few teacher drinking buddies over the past few years) I understand that this time of year is insane. But when you do get a chance, I'd love to hear about the Washington governor's race from a native's point of view . . .