Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A special day in any WT boy's life

So, the downstairs neighbor who had the testicles on his Star Spangled Bullshit truck apparently gave the plastic glands to his son, who now sports them on his black truck, the one with the silouhetted "curvy lady" appliqu├ęs and the "Git R Done" sticker on the back.

I imagined this teary-eyed, Hallmark Channel exchange, where the elder redneck lovingly bestowed the plastic truck balls to his NASCAR-jacketed son, telling him that now, he was a man.



  1. "Git-R-Done." Jesus tap dancing christ.

    I've been working sporadically on an entry about Larry the Cro-Mag Guy, but every time I start on it the seizures come.

  2. Killing me!

    I saw a pair of those plastic testicles on a big blue truck right here in Ol' Virginny a couple of summers ago.

    First off, I did a double take as I could not believe what I was seeing, and then I did the triple take and thought "if you are going to sport balls on your truck, why sport blue ones?"

    Well, this may help with the ball thing. I arrived there through