Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well that narrows it down

So the CIA knows where Bin Laden is.

(here's a hint- NOT Iraq)

Fantastic. So . . . when are we, ya know . . . gonna get him?

I'm guessing uh, never.

Every Big Brother needs a Goldstein. The football-fan public needs that dichotomy. So we'll keep catching those "Number 3 in Al Qaeda!" guys, so the headlines will continue to look good.

But as for the big guy himself, he's as necessary to maintain the Republican voter base as abortion and gay marriage. As long as those three things are around- the big, scary brown man, the suffering fetuses and the threat to traditional marriage, there will people who will fall for the idea that Republicans are the only ones fit to do battle for them against the looming threat of terror, abortion and teh g4ys.

(and if we really knew where he was, do ya really think that Porter Goss would go on national and international teevee and say that we did?)

1 comment:

  1. After five minutes listening to Porter Goss do you really think any adult would tell him anything important?

    With Negroponte sitting above the DCI, Goss isn't even on the routing for important memos anymore.

    I don't doubt that the Pakistanis told him they know, they have that kind of sense of humor.