Thursday, June 16, 2005

Your scheduled reminder:

Bob Beauprez is an ass.

Exhibit A, regarding the extradtition of a Mexican man accused of shooting and killing a police officer:

At a meeting Monday with Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., Mexico's ambassador to the U.S., Carlos de Icaza, reportedly pledged to expedite a decision on extradition. Allard said that process would take one to three years, and there was no guarantee on which country would host a trial. The ambassador reportedly told Allard: "We are very serious about our international agreements, and we are very serious about applying justice." That does not satisfy Beauprez, who scoffed at the one- to three-year time frame.

"I've vacationed in Mexico before. I know exactly what 'Mexican time' is," Beauprez said. "If I was Mrs. Young or if I was Mitch Morrissey, I would think that was painfully slow. If we are good neighbors, and I think we are, this should be a relatively straightforward, easy process."

Well done, Bob. You spend a few summers in Cabo and you feel justified in stereotyping a whole nation. As Ralph says, don't think that little gem won't come up later when you begin your gubernatorial campaign.

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  1. I've vacationed in Mexico. 'Mexican time' is really 'Americans vacationing in Mexico time': I tried to be as lazy and drunk as possible for a solid week, and I guess I did move a bit more slowly than usual.