Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ch-ch-ch-changes . . .

Yes! I found a place in Governor's Park. and I'll be moving at the end of the month. But of course, every decision I seem to make in regards to moving begets a new breed of chaos. I leave in 19 days and I've packed . . . some photos. I need to get on that.

In other news, I came across this little bit in the Washington Post, attributed in a roundup of ponderings on the Rove issue to a Mr. David Kidwell of the Miami Herald:
"All you really need to consider is this: If you were a government employee with a nagging conscience, if you had secret records that would expose corruption or lies at the highest levels, if your job was on the line and you needed to find a journalist whose promises you could trust with your life -- who would you call today: Matt Cooper and Time magazine, or Judith Miller and The New York Times?"

There are a number of things wrong with this statement. First of all, Judith Miller is not a hero of the American Press. She is not martyring herself in the name of the first amendment. She did not publish information from a little guy who went to the press to "do the right thing" and blow the whistle on "corruption or lies at the highest levels." No. She is *PART* of the corruption and lies at the highest levels- the very highest levels- of government and she is taking the fall not for her convictions but for someone bigger and far more powerful than she. Lois Lane she ain't.

If the person in the scenario described above, that is, the little guy with a nagging conscience and a collection of secret records, came to Judith Miller with his story, he wouldn't get past her assistant's assistant.


  1. oh this reminds me of something i learned in my law school ethics class, where a guy tried to use the spousal privilege to get out of going to jail, claiming that because he divulged a secret to her, it was now privileged... or something...

    never mind, i can't remember the case, and i've forgotten the details.

    but it reminded me of something, dammit!

  2. i like that song. who wrote it? you know what, i think it's in a lindsay lohan movie called "confessions of a teenage drama queen." i know you're a big lohan fan... is it something like, "time can change ME! but i can't change time....."

  3. Judith Miller is not the person we should have as the face of the First Amendment and journalist privilege. She has done a lot of questionable reliable reporting, notably some one-source stuff from Iraq, and The Times might be bestter served by locking her up for a few months.

    The only crappy part is that she never even wrote a story, and she is in jail for refusing to testify. Meanwhile two people who did are scott-free.

    -- L.

  4. Ass! Go down to the market in Chiang-Mai NOW and buy the first pirated David Bowie album you can find. It may be the only way to save your soul after the egregious sin of attributing "Changes" to Lindsay Lohan!

  5. yah i know it's david bowie... i wasn't attributing it to lindsay lohan but it IS in that lindsay lohan movie!