Friday, July 29, 2005

Great moments in 180s:

1. The time that the Volvo skid on some ice in a mall parking lot and turned completely around (sweet!)

2. The numerous times PacMan took a wrong turn

3. Eisenhower speaks out against the military industrial complex.

4. Anne Heche decides she's no longer a lesbian

5. Bob Dylan decides he's no longer a Christian

6. Dr. Bill Frist sez embryonic stem cell research ain't so bad after all.


Well, considering that ostensibly, the President and his happy shiny Born Again voters think that every embryo is, in actuality, an adoptable, viable human being, (a "snowflake," if you will) this statement is bound to come up against some heavy opposition from high levels and the ever-annoying multitudes of vocal Christian voters.

So why, oh why would the good Dr. Frist, who fought so valiantly for other life-for-the-sake-of-life causes like Terry Schaivo, decide to do an about-face on the embryonic stem cell issue?

Could it be because it means Big Big Money for the pharmaceutical industry?

Perhaps because they've been so kind as to give him more than $870,000 in campaign funds in the past, and continue to be the largest single contributor to the GOP?

Sure, he tried to crack down on their multibillion dollar advertising campaigns, but he's never done anything of substance to actually curtail drug prices, and it is reasonably well known that the Frist Family Fortune comes from the largest for-profit hospital in the country.

So let's review. Frist will fight for anyone's life, if it means that they will remain in a state that generates revenue for a hospital, such as long-term intensive care or life support. He cares a whole helluva lot about that kind of life.

As for the embryos that the hardcore Christians consider to be precious pre-born babies? They are only profitable if they are used for research.

So, all of you "Culture of Life" voters? I've said it before, but if you voted for this guy, you gots played.

UPDATED: Check out the reaction over at the Free Republic.


  1. Can we call Frist a flip-flopper now? Schiavo, Bolton, now stem cells.

    You know every one of those effin' freepers will vote for Frist if he wins the nod for prez.

    Nicely done by the way. :)

  2. i like letting snowflakes melt on my tongue.

  3. Maybe he felt bad for not warning people earlier about how you can get AIDS when someone cries or spits on you.

  4. VV,

    Your theory is the same as the Freepers' (re: HCA profit on IVF)? Wow!

  5. I know, Smitty- scary, ain't it?

    Actually, I've found that in general, distrust for politician's motives transcends political leanings. We all know they're lying sacks of crap . . . but there are a few to whom this comes as a greater surprise than others.

  6. wow, that was entertaining...LOL, teeney, tiny, little heads exploding... and this time they don't make a mess on their sheets...

  7. Either way, all the flip-floppin in the world won't help him. Frist's goose is cooked. Not only is he taking this position for the dough, but he might be doing it to look more "centrist" now that Bush is in trouble.

    Never trust a Frist. Frists are slippery beasts.