Friday, July 15, 2005

My latest act of socially acceptable rebellion

Well, since the sister is leaving for Africa, and I'm too entrenched in my bourgeois lifestyle right now to do anything as nutty and ambitious as that, I got my hair colored. Yeah, that'll teach the establishment. Streaks of bleach blonde on top, nearly black underneath. Take that, capitalist pigs!


In the spirit of Friday-let's-post-a-picture-and-not-blog-about-what-is-really-going-on-blogging, here is a pic of a cat that we met in the Mountains over our trip. Mountain cats all seem to have this funny, stunted physique- they are short-legged and very round. Probably due to a diet of table scraps and whatever they can catch.

And, for comic relief, here's my mom's dog, sitting on his panda toy.


  1. next up, a torrid lesbian affair. that you should record on your blog. no wait - a torrid lesbian affair that you should email me about.

  2. This doesn't relate to anything but, I do like this guy's writing style and thought you might enjoy his thoughts and the turd blossom...

    Panda? What panda? Duhhhhh....I don't see any Panda.


  3. Try that link again:


    Didn't work the first time for some reason. ;-)

  4. You know what that bit of panda sticking out from behind the dog's leg looks like, right?

  5. 1. Dex- unless Angelina J. moves to the Mile-High city, I'm afraid you're outta luck. Of course, she makes any straight woman- and arguably, even some gay men- 90/10.

    2. Interesting Krugman article. The fact that people like PK have jobs is what helps me believe we're not living in Oceania.

    3. Uh . . . it looks like a very flat, unhappy panda?

    4. *Mmph! Help! I'm endangered!"