Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A proud day for Colorado

Another grand day to have been born in the Centennial State!

Getta load of this:
"I simply throw that out there as something to think about, although it is horrendous to think about, I understand that," Tancredo said. "So is having one or more cities destroyed in the United States. And that's all I did."

Muslim leaders disagreed.

"When he makes such a statement he should have the courage to go back and apologize," said Rafaat Ludin, president of the Colorado Muslim Society, an organization that includes a mosque and represents 15,000 Muslims in the Denver area. "He is trying to provoke these terrorists who are making our lives miserable, here and across the world. How can you in your right mind call for something like that?"

Who keeps voting for this guy? And when will they understand that global politics is a little differently nuanced than the WWF?


  1. pretty stunning isn't it? and he posts the RNC's daily talking points on his website, even though the memo says to keep them hush hush.

  2. So, can we blow up Notre Dame next time a Christian commits a crime?

    As for the talking points, maybe he is a traitor.

  3. Republicans and conservatives in the Right Wing media forced Sen. Richard Durbin to eat his words recently, and I think that this goon, whom Colorado voters have elected as their representative in Congress, should take his back, too.

    -- L.

  4. that guy is a total ass-hat. jeezus, who says shit like that, and then when somebody calls them on it, doesn't lie and deny having said it? i mean, does that guy HEAR the words coming out of his mouth? if this guy runs for president, i will want to shake his hand so that i can say, "i shook the hand of the most delusional, irrational, and inconsiderate person in the whole united states." or something.

  5. Norbiz calls it the state "Crown of Suckitude" and I think he needs to admit that CO, UT, TX, AL, MS, FA, LA, AK and DE need to share it on a rotating basis.