Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday Lists


1. My Game store is closed!!! What to do!!!
2. Wearing a skirt in combat
3. Ogre class
4. What Music should be listened when playing a session?
5. Claw, Bite, Talon Damage - WHERE are they Defined !?
6. Cut-outs and other paper folding fun
7. I'm going to construct a mansion. Need advice
8. 5 levels in 30 seconds
9. Cross Breeding Dragons:What do you think would happen?

1. Fruit of the Spirit Spinner

The Fruit of the Spirit Spinner was created with the idea in mind that the nine parts of the Fruit of the Spirit make up one whole. So even though there are nine different fruits, they are all presented on one spinner toy. This is to help children identify the different characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit and help them to memorize them. However, in the game "Please Pass The Fruit" the sections of one tangerine are used to show the different aspects of the Holy Spirit's characteristics.

The following cartoon fruit are illustrated on the Fruit of the Spirit Spinner toy:
Love = Strawberry,
Joy = Orange,
Peace = Banana,
Patience = Peach,
Kindness = Kiwi,
Goodness = Plum,
Faithfulness = Blueberry,
Gentleness = Apple,
Self-Control = Pear.

2. This Little Light Of Mine (a decorated t-shirt)

"Begin by singing 'This Little Light of Mine'."
3. Creation Wheel

"Cut a 12- inch circle from the corrugated cardboard. Cut an identical circle from the light-weight cardboard.

Use the ruler to divide the corrugated cardboard circle into eight equal wedge-shaped segments. Cut a segment from the light-weight cardboard that is slightly smaller than one segment of the corrugated cardboard circle. Make sure it does not go all the way to the center of the light-weight cardboard circle.

Use the markers to decorate each segment on the corrugated cardboard to tell about the seven days of creation. In the first segment write "The Story of Creation" and decorate the segment.

The next segment will be the first day of creation, when God separated the light from the dark.

On the second day He made the sky. You can glue a bit of cotton in the sky to look like clouds.

On the third day He separated the lands from the seas, and on the fourth day God put the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky.

On the fifth day He filled the seas with fish and the sky with birds. On the sixth day He created all the animals and He created man. On the seventh day God rested from his work.

Attach the light-weight cardboard circle to the top of the corrugated cardboard circle by putting the paper fastener through the center of both circles. Arrange the top circle so that the title segment, "The Story of Creation," shows through.

Use the creation wheel to tell the story of creation, turning the top wheel to expose the picture of each of the seven days. "

4. "He is Risen!" Tomb Craft
Directions: Ahead of time, cut 1/3 off the bottom of the large plate. Have the child color both plates brown (you can also have them paint the plates - but markers are quicker!) Staple the large plate onto the heavy sheet of paper - make sure that the cut part lines up with the bottom of the paper. Next, cut a "tomb opening" out of black construction paper and glue to the plate. Cut a small square out of white paper and write "He Is Risen!" with a marker - then glue to the tomb opening. Attach the small plate (stone in front of the tomb) to the paper by putting the paper fastener through both pieces. Finish off the project by adding a sun, spring flowers and clouds! Be sure to visit our site for a picture of this craft.
5. "My Grandkids walk all over me!"

You'll need:apron or t-shirt,fabric paints, fabric markers

Directions: Slip a piece of cardboard under the apron, or inside the shirt. Use fabric paint or fabric markers to write "My Grandkids Walk All Over Me!" in the center. Then, paint your kid's feet with fabric paints and make foot prints all around the saying. Make sure to wash off the foot before using another color. You can also write the date and kid's name on the apron/shirt. This makes a cute gift for Grandma or Grandpa!

6. Ten Lepers Nesting Doll and Paper Craft

Print out the following templates.
Template 1
Template 2
Decorate each leper.
Cut out. On a piece of paper, paste leper #10 in the bottom of the page. Glue the flap of lepers #9 through to #1 on top of the flap of the previous leper. Each leper should hide the lepers preceding it until all are hid by leper #1. Say the poem below as you lift the flap of each leper. Alternatively, on a large piece of paper, place glue of the flap of each leper and stand them up in a row in order.

(ed. note- does anyone here want to lift a leper flap?)

Alternative #3, cut tabs off each leper and glue in a row on a large piece of paper (will not fit on standard size paper) and decorate with trees etc.


  1. Uh, I actually know the answer to #5 on the D&D questions.

  2. Fine, Pete, if you're such a smarty-pants, YOU tell me how to fight in a damned skirt.

  3. I assume anyone of your obvious masculinity who wears a skirt in public would already know how to fight, seeing as how the skirt itself is probably what provoked the fracas in the first place.

    Otherwise: throat, knee, instep, groin. Or a large caliber handgun.