Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Wednesday rock show really breaks up the week

So last nite I went to Boulder's Fox Theater for a free, all-ages show including my coworker's band, The Symptoms, as well as a band called Born In The Flood that had been recommended to me not long ago.

The Symptoms have a classic kind of punk sound, equal parts Ramones and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with really great lyrics and songs with titles like "Beat Up By a Girl."

And I am so glad I stuck around- BITF creates a kind of musical landscape that pulls the best elements from early 90s grunge rock, OK Computer-era Radio Head and old-school U2. Very very good.

The crowd was kinda funny, lots of Bouldery hippie yuppie kids with indy band T-shirts and funky haircuts. I would guess that the youngest kids there were around 12 or 13. The Fox is laid out with a weird sort of pen for the kiddies, with chicken wire and plywood so they can't get booze from the over-21s on the other side of the wall. It's like a rabbit hutch of underagers. I thought it would be funny to bring someone who was not yet 21 and taunt them from the others side of the wall . . . Hey, there! How is it at the kiddie table? See you after the show . . . when I'm drunk!

But all in all, glad I went out on a school night to see these guys. Now I have to go back to doing my best impression of a girl who did NOT stay up until midnight last night listening to rock bands and drinking bottled PBR.


  1. I do hope that was a sick joke, Mr Pepper and Spice.

  2. It's a movie quote...a pint of Guiness to whomever calls it!

  3. Blue Velvet, Dennis Hopper, haven't seen it yet, but this quote has been following me around lately

  4. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner.

    See the movie, it will leave your jaw slightly ajar.