Thursday, August 11, 2005


At 2:17 p.m. today, I'll be officially 24 years old. It used to be that birthdays were mostly just an excuse to dive head-first into cake and expect presents. I guess that hasn't really changed, but birthdays have grown to be a little more significant as I get older, and have become times that I allow myself even more introspection than usual.

In looking at the 1981 page on Wikipedia, I see that there were a lot of chaotic events that year. I can only imagine what my parents were thinking, at 22 and 23, expecting their first kid and watching Peter Jennings deliver news about Reagan being shot, bombings in Israel, hostage situations in the Atlanta FBI building and the first emerging cases of AIDS. Not to mention the anxiety they probably already were feeling due to encroaching student loan payments and tuition costs for my dad at CU. Not to mention the fact that somehow, Christopher Cross swept the Grammies for "Sailing."

What's my point? Well, I often tell people now that this is no world to bring a kid into. That I wouldn't do that to a kid, that I wouldn't bring a child into this kind of environment. But I'm glad and grateful to my parents that they did bring me into this broken world. If they had waited for a perfect world, I'd never had been born.

So thanks, folks. There is a lot wrong with this world, to be sure, and I am guilty of focusing on that more than I should. But I'm glad to be in it anyway.


  1. Happy Birthday VV! You're a bright star - enjoy your day!

  2. you're not allowed to get introspective and existential until 25 (but then you have little choice).

    happy b day.

  3. Happy birthday! I don't even remember when I was 24.

  4. Many happy returns of the day!
    Joyeux anniversaire!


  5. Happy birfday to u!!

    You're 8 days older than me! We're practically twins!

    So, um, can I borrow those boots? Just for tonight, nothing bad will happen to them... ;)

  6. Happy birthday! I remember being 24. Sorta. I bought my motorcycle when I was 24. I still miss it.

    Re: your Eschaton mention of dystopian lit, I suggest a novel to read if you haven't, Walter Miller's A Canticle for Liebowitz. I wouldn't quite call it dystopian, but it's an interesting study of how society rebuilds itself only to land up in the same stupid place all over again.

    With that material, your thesis sounds interesting.

  7. Birthday wishes!

    Enjoy being a mere 9 years younger than I for these next fleeting 6 days!

  8. I read the post title and thought we were going to get an episodic accounting of every hour of the upcoming day, complete with car chases, gunfights, and mugging for the camera. Hopefully nobody gets tortured, but guess what: birthdays are no party.

    Many happy returns.

  9. Happy Birthday Vespa! The vegan Boston Cream Pie at Watercourse is on me! (MMMMmmmmmm.... vegan pie.... Auaughghghghgh....)

    BTW, It was Frank Reynolds, Jennings' predecessor, who announced that Reagan had been shot (and died, prompting him to yell at someone on air upon finding out that was premature). And you left out that 1981 brought us Das Boot, Stripes, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Plus, pop music may have sucked, but there were plenty of great albums on the alternative and New Wave fronts: October, Ghost in the Machine, Pretenders II, Jumpin Jive....

    The world can always use more people like you, so thank your parents again!

  10. Happy happy birthday, Vestalvespa. You have everything in front of you. Cherish all that space.

  11. I really like your blog, vestal. I like everything about it. Very nicely done.

  12. I think you can be pretty sure, in 1981, that nobody on the major networks were talking about AIDS yet. Give your parents credit for that much, at least.

    And happy birthday. When did you people get so terribly, terribly young?

  13. I wish I was as articulate and insightful at 24 as you. Of course, it was the rise of tech stocks, Clinton was president and the world seemed like its problems were solvable. Little did we know.

    Best to you on your happy day.

    -- L.

  14. Happy Birthday

    Now you are as old as I was in 1981 :)

  15. happy 24 plus 1! now get back to work! we need posts. and comments. and top 10's.

  16. Happy Birthday to yoo,
    Happy Birhtday to yoo,
    Happy Birrrthday Dear Vestal,
    Happy Birthday to yooooo.

    ...and many morrrre!

  17. Sorry I missed the festivities. There's some Fancy Feast in the mail; whether or not you or the cat want to chow down on it is up to y'all.

  18. happy da late birthday.

    Wow, you're like 11 months younger than me... who woulda thunk it.

    Well, hope you had a most lovely day.