Friday, August 05, 2005

As you wish . . .

Funny thing- we went to see "The Princess Bride" on Red Rocks this week, and I was struck by the underlying political plot of the film. You have a corrupt and evil prince who decides to plant false intelligence blaming Gilder for the kidnapping of his popular bride-to-be, thereby starting a war. Nobody's sure why he really wants to start the war, but he has this whole elaborate plan on how to kill his wife and blame the sworn enemy of Florin for it.

Sounds familiar, right?

What really tied it up for me was when the Prince is telling his advisor that he'd heard that Gilder was going to murder Princess Buttercup. The advisor guy says "Our spies have heard no such thing."


Now if we could only find our own Miracle Max to help us get out of this mess.

"Have fun storming the castle!"

Well, while you all ponder that, here is a vacation picture for you:

A Route 66 cafe near Raton, N.M. Is that a yellow Valiant?


  1. My, that really is quite interesting. It does sound quite prescient, doesn't it?

  2. not a valiant, darlin...

    it's a pre-70 T-Bird, with what appears to be a very flat tire...

    as to the rest, life imitating art's a fairly common theme in the arts...

  3. T-bird was actually my first guess. But the taillights threw me off.

    My sister and I have a plan to buy a pre 1960 T-bird to put a hybrid engine into and tour the country promoting sustainable transport.

  4. Hey, I ate there once, when moving from Boulder to New Orleans. Nasty blizzard, horrible driving through the pass, so I just had to stop and get some coffee...

    And yes, you are the supercoolest kid on the block.

  5. Hmmm. Retrofitting a hybrid into a T-bird would be kind of tricky. You'd have to rip everything out and start over. Which is cool and all, but ugh.

    Probably would be easier to rack up a bunch of car batteries in the trunk, lift out the engine and replace it with an electric motor, and just run with the complete electric conversion. Of course then you'd have no room for your stuff, but that's what back seats are for.

    P.S. I have a new Prius, neener neener neener.

  6. Yeah, that is a T-bird. 64, 65, or 66. Pre-64 have round taillights.