Monday, August 01, 2005

Gonna make it after all!

So, got all moved in at the new place, a circa 1950 apartment in Governor's Park with a ton of windows and closet space. Which I need because I have an astonishing amount of crap.

You never realize how much crap you have until you move, and then it is a disheartening and guilt-inducing experience. I am ashamed to admit that the largest box we had to move was my box of shoes . . . how did I accumulate so much? Oh, right, because I have been a shoe-obsessed nester since the age of 11. Maybe earlier. I've been furnishing an apartment for just about as long as I can remember, with lots of help from my grandparents, parents and gigs at kitchen and furniture stores. Most of my friends barely have a mattress and a stereo, and I've got enough to very cozily furnish a one-bedroom apartment. Very cozily. What other 24-year-old single girl has vintage armchairs, a collection of vintage tea towels and tablecloths, a vintage Scandinavian china hutch, a full set of vintage German china? So much STUFF. It causes serious issues with the plans I was going to make to become a rootless nomad. Ah well.

So it looks like Rootin Tooton Bolton is heading to the UN. That's just fabulous. Where did I see a version of the American flag with a huge middle finger right in the center? Seems more apropos every day. Mostly because such a large population in America has absolutely no problem with America giving the rest of the world the finger. They revel in it, in fact . . .

I just wonder how long- if at all- it will take for America and the world to recover from eight years of the Bush Doctrine (of course, "Doctrine" implies a consistent, premeditated line of thought, which would make "Bush Doctrine" an unfortunate and ironic misnomer). How long will it take for America's image to be repaired? How long will it take the Middle East to regroup? How long will it take for America to regrow its Blue Collar class? Maybe it will never happen. Maybe the suckitude of this administration will only be expanded upon by the suckitude of future Republican administrations. The spiral of suckitude.

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  1. Mmmm-kay, while it did seem like you had a lot of stuff while we were moving it all, I have to tell ya, Mom and I were just discussing how you live much more simply than you think you do. This is a fact purely because it took us onlyl one day to move all your crap out of one apartment, move it into another, and then almost unpack it all. I mean, we didn't even do a full 24 hours, we started around ten, and you had very little left when I left you at ten-thirty at night. so, technically, it was a 12 hour ordeal. And "almost unpack" = everything but your clothes in your dresser and some random knick-knacks, of which you have very, very few. I would be willing to bet that you have fewer knick-knacks than almost anyone I know AND most of the ones you have are either a)souvenirs from some far away place (automatically worthy of a place on a bookshelf) or b)pictures of me (never, ever allowed to throw away). So, I say, you have nothing to be ashamed of... and all your friends are older than you, so really, they ought to be ashamed of only having a stereo and matress. I mean, come on, at least find a free couch somewhere, college freshman do it every year.