Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Good luck with that.

So I'm reading "What's the Matter with Kansas" now, and it has occured to me that I am a far, far less compassionate person that Thomas Frank. While Tom seems slightly saddened by the fact that Kansans, and poor conservatives as a whole, vote consistently against their own interests due to wedge-issue promises that continue to go unfulfilled, I can't help but feel indifferent to this.

If you are a poor farmer who votes for a president who passes this, than you get what you deserve.

If you are a Boeing assembler who votes for an administration who makes it easier for Boeing to ship your job overseas, you get what's coming to you.

If you are a recipient of Social Security, farm subsidies, welfare, foodstamps or any other government program and continue to vote people in who want to drown the government in a bathtub, have fun eating leftover Alpo.

If you live in a small town that has been decimated by the local WalMart, and you have voted in people who continually chip away at corporate regulations, then best of luck in finding work that doesn't involve wearing a blue vest with your fool name on it.

I am beyond feeling bad for these people. They made their bed. Now they have to lie in it. I am sure that your misfortune will ripple across the land and affect me in some way in the future, but for now I really don't care. As long as you are happy being lied to, sold out, ignored and shipped off to war, I'm not going to weep for you.


  1. "Don't cry for me Bushentina..."


  2. keep reading. it'll begin to make sense.

  3. I know what you mean...but my feeling is that it's always best to blame the people at the top of the heap, rather than the bottom. The GOP has spent billions of dollars to increase ignorance and intolerance over the last thirty years, and they've been very successful. Some of these people have good impulses - being moral, for instance - which have simply been perverted or nipped in the bud by a diseased culture they've known since birth.

    I'd like to think I would've arrived at my present state of relative non-viciousness even if I hadn't had wise and humane parents. But who knows? And given the unbelievable evil we're all party to as citizens of the US, I'm not always convinced that my "revolt" is that much more noble than their acquiescence. I'm glad I'm not a Bush-worshipper...but I'm ashamed of myself for not doing more, especially given that unlike them, I actually know what's going on.

  4. But, but-if they voted Dem. they would be voting for the same people as the fags! Or even worse, it might mean they have some of the same interests as, yecchh MINORITES!
    That is, assuming the Dems actually have the interests of lower and middle income people in mind.
    But don't single out Kansas, I'm not in kansas anymore, not even goin'to Carolina in my mind. They do it here about as upperleft hand as you can get without just aboot being out of the country.
    I've been convinced, ever since reading "The Great Depression" that we are in a situation analagous to the "roaring twenties"; not much will change til we get to the "thirties".