Monday, August 01, 2005


This guy gets paid to blog.

Oh, excuse me, "Eblog."

I dig Kirk, he's a funny guy, he sneaks in these great double entendres during the 9news newscasts and he's easily the funniest TV news personality in Denver. But his blog reads like that of a hyperactive gay 14-year old:
"Blow Out"

I caught a marathon session of the BRAVO reality show "BLOW OUT" -- I swear the first 20 min, I thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live episode! -- This over the top reality show, follows the trials of a top West Hollywood Hair Dresser! - Jonathan Antin. -- His ego is bigger than ANY News Anchor I've EVER worked with! -- Here was a scene last week.

" You Bi#$@! - I told you to put a Number 3 Ash on her hair!" -- "How can you do this to me?!!" -- (Runs away in Tears) -- This is so campy, so over the top, such a cliche! That I swear it was a skit! My god, you would think these people were working in a "ER"! --

OMG! I so totally thought it was Fake! I had to check the Figure Skating Calendar on my 1950s Vintage pink Frigidaire to Make sure it was Actually Tuesday!

Oy vey.


  1. "1950s Vintage pink Frigidaire"

    I think that's worth a pic,, rodent. :)

  2. This is what Kirk's fridge would look like.

    I picture his house to be like John's in the John Waters ep of the Simpsons.

    "No, Ultrasuede's a miracle. This is just good timing."

    And hey, I am a rodent. Cool stuff.