Wednesday, August 03, 2005

His invite must have gotten lost in the mail

Looks like Frist was snubbed for the planned Justice Sunday II.

This is kind a funny because a: Frist is losing support among the embryo-huggers and b: Frist, it would seem, is distancing himself from the embryo-huggers, implying that their votes don't matter all that much to him. And judging by recent poll numbers, the "Snowflake" crowd is in the minority.

Which means, in the end, both of them- Frist AND the hardcore fetus cult- will lose some of their pull.

Meanwhile, the poster child for why Intelligent Design is probably NOT a viable theory has not only stated that ID should be taught in schools, but he's also saying that he will veto the stem-cell bill, should it ever come across his desk.

Proving again that Bush isn't supported by any mandate.

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