Tuesday, August 02, 2005

NTodd, Internet Sugar Daddy

I changed my gravatar from the South Park cognate to the classic pic of Uma Thurman on the Pulp Fiction poster not too long ago . . . and it has prompted a number of clever and amusing Pulp Fiction moments on the Atrios boards, including one where NTodd, of Dohiyi Mir offered to buy me a $5 shake at Jackrabbit slims.

In jest, I said that I accept paypal.

So this morning, I open my e-mail to find that $5 in real money has, indeed, been transferred to my paypal account.

Thanks, NTodd . . . I'll meet ya at Mamie Van Doren's table.

In other news, I'm a guest blogger now over at the Colorado Soapblox. Check it out- we're trying to build a state-specific sort of Daily Kos thing.


  1. It's just that her milkshake brings all the boys to the blog.

  2. I'll meet ya at Mamie Van Doren's table.


    Uh, if I'm a little late, please order me the Douglas Sirk steak, bloody as hell. And a vanilla Coke. Thanks... :-)