Monday, August 29, 2005

That old, familiar feeling

Last night Dad called, told us to get gas while the getting was good. So after seeing Lizzie off back to Longmont, I got into the SAAB and headed out in search of an open gas station.

Most of the ones I usually frequent were closed. Which was weird. The pumps all gave me this mysterious "Pump Halted" message. I finally found a very crowded station down on Colorado Blvd. and was able to ge a tank but the whole experience left me with kind of an anxious, postapocalyptic feeling. Like something real bad is going to happen soon.

It isn't just the gas, it's a lot of things- from the "Constitution" that they are trying to prop up amid serious misgivings by the Sunnis in Iraq to the jobs going away to the fact that the same groceries I paid $20 for last year are costing me $35 now. When Lizzie got off the phone with Dad last night, I drily asked if the stock market had crashed, trying to put my Dorothy Parker face on through this feeling of unease. "No," she said. "But it might tomorrow."

Last time I had this feeling was when Bush gave the address saying that he was going to begin military operations in Iraq. And, like then, the tone has been set for the week, the month, probably the rest of the year. This foreboding, numb feeling that tells you that all is not well, and won't be for some time.

Do those relentlessly optimistic Bush voters know at all what this feels like? Those folks who believe that freedom is on the march, that the Bush Boom is more than just an Orwellian marketing slogan? Do these feelings of dread ever seep through to their cores like it does to mine? I guess if it doesn't, I understand a little better. Who would want to feel this way? If maintaining that Bush is the man for the job makes you avoid this feeling that your culture and economy are on the brink of destruction, than I guess I can see where they are coming from. I just don't know how they do it.


  1. This foreboding, numb feeling that tells you that all is not well, and won't be for some time.


  2. I think they felt this feeling right after Clinton's "it depends on what your definition of IS is" speech...

    of course, they don't seem to understand the different levels of severity between your president having an affair and pissing off a percentage of the holier-than-thou American public and your president blowing up the infrastructure that used to provide oil to several million people and pissing off most of the rest of the world.

  3. Depends on which Bush voters you are talking about. The have-mores are still doing fine. Food and gas could double in price and they'll be fine. Do you realise in how many ways bush has made things ex-cel-lent for them?
    The know-nothings,well they're faith based.

  4. The refineries in New Orleans produced 9% of all of the gasoline in the country.

    Oil production is iffy in Ecuador, now it's halted in the Gulf, and our largest port is shut down. Religious wackos are annoying Venezuela. Iraq has constant interruptions in its oil production.

    Natural gas prices are going up because of the production problems in the Gulf.

    When the housing bubble bursts it will sound like the world's largest toilet being flushed.

  5. i don't have anything very intelligent to say. i hope the end of the world isn't coming because then i won't be able to come to denver and see you.

    hey remember when you reported on the weirdo who crossed the kansas border to marry that 14 year old girl? well he is now being charged with statutory rape in nebraska. hehe.

  6. i knew you'd come around.

    we'll keep cots fresh and a rifle oiled for you and lil' vespa at the armed compound.

  7. Rifle? Cool. I bet I'm a good shot. I wouldn't know.

    Actually, to be clear, the dread I feel is less for what will happen when the oil runs out and more for what the current administration will do to secure those last drops of oil they can squeeze from the poor and poorly managed countries that happen to sit on reserves.

    I am less afraid of running out of oil than I am of what Bush and the rest of the oil whores will do for it . . .

  8. (oh, and in our post-oil apocalypse, just how were you planning on keeping that rifle oiled, anyway?)