Monday, August 22, 2005

To whom it may concern . . .

Dear Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld, Ms. Rice:

Please do not bomb her:

Please do not bomb this:

Please do not bomb them:

Please, please do not bomb Tehran.


  1. Oh, come on, can't we bomb just a little bit of the country? We never used up all our MOABs in Iraq...

  2. The motion is seconded.

    No evidence of any nuclear weapons program at all.

  3. Thanks. That's the message I was hoping to get across.... hadn't thought about taking it to a broader audience. Nice.

    O (hug)


  4. P.S. I've been up that road so many times, with a cahrazy cabby weaving in and out of the slowpokes, smoking and laughing our asses off on our way to the gassr yach (Ice Palace) to ice skate and play pool and pinball. We had such fun. Oh how we danced, to coin a phrase...


  5. Josh: we wouldn't bomb them if they had nukes; remember N. Korea? We will bomb them now that we know they can't make nukes; remember Iraq?

  6. If your are, as I am, devoted to the Baghdad Burning blog from Iraq, you may want to go to Raed in the Middle blog and Tell Me a Secret blog. You can read there the story of a young Iraqui man who was arrested, while trying to register for university, for reading the internet. The comments, from people all over the world, are quite enlightening, too.

  7. I, too, hope bush will not bomb Iran. But since it would be the worst thing he could do, I guess we can just about count on it.

  8. Tehran looks like Albuquerque on crack.