Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday Lists- Birthday Edition

Yep, on Thursday I'll be almost a quarter of a century old.

I am told this is not old, but being that it is the oldest I've ever been, it is a little daunting.

So for today's list, and for a little cosmic perspective, here's what else has gone on on Aug. 11, in the past five millennia or so:

3114 BC - beginning of our current era in the Maya Long Count Calendar
480 BC - Persians under Xerxes defeat Spartans under King Leonidas in the Battle of Thermopylae. The Spartans fought to the last man.
480 BC - The Persian and Greek fleets also fight the indecisive Battle of Artemisium.
1858 - First ascent of the Eiger.
1918 - World War I - Battle of Amiens ends
1919 - Constitution of Weimar Republic adopted
1920 - The Latvia - Soviet Russia peace treaty which relinquished Russia`s authority and pretences to Latvian nation and territory for all time. In 1940 the Soviet Union unilaterally broke this Treaty and occupied Latvia
1929 - Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio.
1934 - Federal prison opened at Alcatraz Island
1943 - World War II - First Quebec Conference of Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, T. V. Soong and William Lyon Mackenzie King begins.
1948 - Olympic games open in London
1951 - René Pleven becomes Prime Minister of France
1952 - Hussein proclaimed king of Jordan
1960 - Chad declares independence
1965 - Race riots begin in Watts area of Los Angeles, California
1966 - John Lennon held a press conference in Chicago excusing himself from the "Jesus affair"
1970 - A trademark application by the Van Brode Milling Company for the word Spork was published by the USPTO.
1972 - Last United States ground combat unit departs South Vietnam
1987 - Alan Greenspan becomes Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve.
1991- The three original Nicktoons, Doug, Rugrats, and The Ren and Stimpy Show make their debuts on the Nickelodeon cable channel. (I remember this!)
1995 - A TTC subway accident took place when a southbound train hit the back of a stationary train, killing three people. see Russell Hill Subway accident.
1999 - A total solar eclipse visible from Europe and Asia.
2003 - NATO takes over command of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, marking its first major operation outside Europe in its 54-year-history.
2003 - Jemaah Islamiyah leader Riduan Isamuddin, better known as Hambali, is arrested in Bangkok, Thailand.

And here's who else celebrates a birthday on my day:
1667 - Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici, last of the Medicis (d. 1743)
1673 - Richard Mead, English physician (d. 1754)
1718 - Sir Frederick Haldimand, soldier (d. 1791)
1794 - James Barton Longacre, American engraver (d. 1869)
1807 - David Rice Atchison, American politician (d. 1886)
1833 - Robert G. Ingersoll, American politician and soldier (d. 1899)
1833 - Kido Takayoshi, Japanese politician (d. 1877)
1870 - Tom Richardson, English cricketer (d. 1912).
1872 - Shidehara Kijuro, Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1951)
1892 - Eiji Yoshikawa, novelist (d. 1962)
1897 - Louise Bogan, American poet (d. 1970)
1902 - Alfredo Binda, Italian cyclist (d. 1986)
1902 - Lloyd Nolan, actor (d. 1982)
1905 - Erwin Chargaff, biochemist (d. 2002)
1912 - Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs, astronomer (d. 1954)
1912 - Thanom Kittikachorn, Prime Minister of Thailand (d. 2004)
1913 - Angus Wilson, British novelist (d. 1991)
1919 - Ginette Neveu, French violinist (d. 1949)
1921 - Alex Haley, historian, novelist (d. 1992)
1925 - Carl Rowan, journalist
1932 - Fernando Arrabal, playwright, novelist
1933 - Jerry Falwell, Christian preacher and politician (Well, crappy birthday to you, jerkwad)
1943 - Abigail Folger, American coffee heiress (d. 1969)
1943 - Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani general and leader
1944 - Ian McDiarmid, actor
1946 - Marilyn vos Savant, newspaper columnist
1950 - Gennidy Nikonov, weapons inventor
1950 - Steve Wozniak, American computer pioneer
1952 - Harry Tavitian, Romanian Jazz musician
1953 - Hulk Hogan, professional wrestler (cool!)
1954 - Joe Jackson, singer
1954 - Juan Maria Solare, composer and pianist
1955 - Sylvia Hermon, British politician
1957 - Richie Ramone, American drummer (The Ramones) (Hey Ho! Let's go!)
1964 - Jim Lee, comic book artist and publisher
1967 - Joe Rogan, comedian, television host
1967 - Enrique Bunbury, Spanish rock singer/songwriter
1970 - Andy Bell, bass player (Oasis)
1972 - Jonathon Prandi, American male model
1974 - Audrey Mestre, freediver
1980 - Lee Suggs, American football player

And as an interesting side note, August 11 is also the day that our part of the world gets to see the Perseids Meteor Shower. And in Zimbabwe, they celebrate Heroes Day on Aug. 11.


  1. Happy birthday!

    My husband and I celebrate ours on Saturday the 13th.

  2. Happy Birthday, VV!

    Here I was thinking I was the youngest Eschatonian but you have me beat by a few years.

  3. Hey, VV,
    Happy birthday!
    You may add my sister Nina to the list of August 11 birthdays. She should be a celebrity!