Monday, September 19, 2005


I get to work on Monday and the first thing I am told is that a story I thought was not due for at least two weeks is due on FRIDAY!

On "American Dad" last night, Stan was showing his son all of the hobbies he does in order to fend off certain "urges." Among them was wood burning and he had the old sign that says "You want it WHEN?"

"Ha ha! It expresses frustration with an unrealistic deadline!"

Ah, des arts, ils imitent la vie, non?

So light blogging this week . . . I have to track down several scooter clubs and plan art ASAP for this story that I'm beginning to regret pitching at all. Even if it does mean a ride on a scooter.


  1. You have a pet alien that sounds like Paul "Uncle Arthur" Lynde? What does Jiji.. er.. Audrey think of that?

  2. Well, since he runs a bar in my attic and doesn't have any Alf-like cat-eating proclivities, they get along pretty well.

  3. I don't think art so much imitates life as clones it, and then there's all this art shambling around trying to catch Donald Sutherland.

    I had a point here. It's gone.

  4. Scooterific! Chasing down mods and rockabillies. That's my girl.

  5. No, no, no. A ride on a scooter is always worth it! The glass is half full!

  6. I want an alien bartender in my attic. That would be just dandy. Good luck with your story. Oh well, I'm off to save America...