Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's just not working out

I'm wondering if I should break up with America. I mean, we've had some great times, but it's just that . . . well, America has been making some piss-poor decisions lately, decisions that affect other nations in the world even though America doesn't realize it. And I didn't want to tell anyone, but America has been pretty abusive lately. Everytime I bring up my opinion, America tells me I'm a traitor and that I hate America, which is totally not the case, I'm just trying to make a point.

And I mean, we could just be "friends," but I don't really care for the kinds of friends that America has been hanging out with lately. It seems like America is just not aligning itself with the right crowd.

I don't know. Maybe things will change. But they always say you are a fool to try and change the one you're with . . .

But I guess I'll give it another try.


  1. I checked out the link, and it happens that I am planning to go to the big protest Saturday in DC. A lot of obscure bands performing, and a lot of less obscure people talking. It is looking like a good one.

  2. America is a big meanie. Let's wait until the brain transplant in 2006...

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Hope to see you on September 24 in Denver!

  4. Hon, you've "fallen against the coffee table" one too many times. That bastard's no good for you. Get out while you still can!

  5. I'm sure he'll change if you just love him enough.

  6. But it isn't just falling against the coffe table one too many times!

    The continual lying is really getting to me!

    And all our money! What does America do with all our money? He never listens to me when I suggest how we should spend our money! I know he has others on the side but he should take care of our family as well as he takes care of the others.