Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lambuel is back!

After a hiatus, and sadly, many broken links, OBJECTIVE: Ministries has returned to the web.

So all of you who have been directed here searching for Lambuel and important dispatches on the anti-triclavianist movement can now rest assured that the site is up, running and saving souls.


Oh, and they have a new campaign: to put a cross into low orbit, so that we all will be under it, at some point. Woo hoo! For Christ!


  1. I have determined that it is parody, but parody of the so-close-its-scary-how-many-will-buy-it variety.

  2. The Zounds! youth rock ministry sort of gives it away, doesn't it?

    If only it were real. I mean, it is real, but just not all in one place like that...

  3. The person who told me about that site swears it's real. I'm certain it can't be (ruby thongs? http://www.cafepress.com/objectivemin.20214784 that's just...not real.)

    It's not real, right? I need to be told it's not real. I refuse, as a Christian, to believe that this site is actually serious.