Monday, September 26, 2005

must have scooter

I think I am still smiling from scooter afterglow.

Although the name would suggest otherwise, Vestal Vespa does not, in fact, have a Vespa. I have a car, I have a cruiser bike but I do not have a scooter. I have always loved them, though and I have always wanted one but until this weekend I hadn't even ridden one.

Now that I have . . . well, I think I need one.


The best part about the scooter ride (well, second to the part about the fact that it was part of my JOB to ride the scooter, for a story I was assigned) was the reaction from passers-by to a pod of scooters. Grins, devil horns, smiles and waves. Definitely not something you get from riding in your car.

Now I just have to figure out which internal organ I can sell on the black market to get the money for a new Bajaj . . .


  1. Eggs, probably. Not really an organ, I guess.

  2. Dang. I was afraid that might happen. Happened to me when I was about 8. I didn't do scooters but had several motorcycles through teenhood. My mother had to steal my last cycle away from me by proxy. She had brother pete "accidently" sell it out from under me while I was out of the country, then he gave me a really crappy one in return when I came back. It only worked sporadically. I ultimately sold it to buy a car and skis which were pale replacements but had advantages in terms of meeting girls. There is nothing like the sun, the wind, the bugs in your teeth etc. Be careful but, also, indulge if you can. Don't tell yer mum but I'll help if I can if you can find a good deal on a used one. Maybe late/early b'day gift?


  3. A Bajaj? NO! You want an Italian scooter. Take it from me. They invented the scooter and theirs are far more stylish that the Bajaj. I've been riding my Aprilia Mojito 150 for over a year now and I love it. And yes, you'll get lots of attention riding it. Some of that attention will come from fat guys on Harleys, revving their engines as obnoxiously as possible, as if they need to remind you that your bike has 1/5 the power of theirs. But never you mind. Audrey Hepburn never rode a Harley, to be sure!

  4. Get one and you will never want for getting laid again.

  5. so did you ever went to CRETE for that Peace Corps -secretary job?

    by the way we have same taste