Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blogging from the Rectangular State

It has been a while since I've had a look around to see what mischief my fellow Colorado bloggers have been up to. So here's a roundup of some recent discoveries:

Julie in Centennial has a simple credo on her profile: "I'm a liberal, deal with it." It has got to be more than a little difficult to be a liberal in Tancredo Country, so props to her for being a little blue dot in the big red district.

While I've known Emdash for a little while through Drinking Liberally, I have only had a few chances to glance at her blog, Unbossed. But it's a great place to go for views on Colorado politics from a pretty diverse little group of writers. It's worth it just for the "Site of the Week" postings.

Curious Stranger is from Connecticut but lives in Colorado. Usually I tend to resent East Coast transplants, what with their driving of the Jeeps and their wearing of the North Face and their pronouncing of the "Denvah." But CS is a kool kid and is pretty plugged in to local politics and music, so I'll give this yankee a pass. Plus, his title for a DeLay arrest post was "The Hammer Gets Nailed."

Andrew Oh-Willeke, a.k.a. the Wash Park Prophet has been hanging around here and being kind enough to throw the occasional link my way, so I've been making his place a stop on the daily blogaround. There's some good stuff here- both local and global politics.

Evil Mommy is one of my new favorites- she is a hip mom and a fun writer. She has a good take on local and national politics but the stories about her adventures with her kids in Denver are also well worth reading.

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