Monday, October 10, 2005

Can't stand up for falling down

To all those shiny happy winger schmucks who like to incessantly remind the anti-war movement of the Iraq vote and the fantazamazing new constitution in Iraq, I bring you some news.

The Sunni insurgency is using the Iraq vote and the new Iraqi constitution as a tool to recruit more insurgents:

In public pronouncements, Sunni insurgent groups say they are committed to blocking the constitution, but figures with credible claims to contact with leaders of the bombers and gunmen say they may welcome a "Yes" vote, since it could push angry, disillusioned Sunnis to join their ranks.

"We will increase military operations against the U.S forces and the government to thwart the constitution and to prove its illegitimacy," said one militant nationalist, speaking on condition of anonymity, on Monday.

That and I heard an NPR item on today's Morning Edition about how the Iraqi middle class is now enjoying the right to cheap, widely accessible plastic fucking surgery.

Now that's progress. Sure, we may have the growing threat of insurgency, but our women will now have large silicone breasts and tiny European noses. Freedom is on the march!


  1. But, but, but...Townhall's Kyle Williams shows signs starting to use his brain, and might even get a better haircut!

    Okay, that doesn't exactly balance out, does it...But then, the good never does.

    Thanks for starting out my day on a high note, V!

    P.S. How's your leaving-a-note-on-the-car stalker? Does "athletic" actually mean high-school-footballer-gone-to-seed?

  2. I'll believe the better haircut when I see it.

    Sorry for the downer post . . . just trying to put my terrible weekend in perspective. The date with Mr. Windshield not was kind of a dud and I topped off the weekend with a terrible near-miss with a guy friend of mine who I'm now too ashamed to talk to! WooT!

  3. "...large silicone breasts and tiny European noses. Freedom is on the march!"

    Pretty effin' funny Vestal.