Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Crazy people, and a list

PPMM- a familiar character to those who know me, just said "I believe that Iraq is going to be free and democratic and Bush will be the hero of our times. I had a vision about it just the other day."

Holy crap. No pun intended.

But then, I guess if you feel that it's OK to build a religion around a guy who talked to God in his hat, then I guess you'll believe it's OK to invade a sovreign country for a lot of really bad reasons but not a single good one.


For Tuesday's list:


1. I'm a single parent of the opposite gender of my child. I want to help my child understand the physical changes to expect during adolescence, I feel uncomfortable with the topic, can you help?

Let the bugger figure it out on his own, or better yet, pass this unpleasant little duty of explaining the mommy-daddy dance off to some other person. Nothing would be more traumatic than him hearing you say "erection" anyway.

2. What do I do about this aggressive teen-age girl that is "coming-on" to my son?

Girls with strong sexualities are inherently evil. Burn her! Burn the witch!

3. How do I help my child set boundaries around sexual behavior in order to make healthy choices about relationships and understand the benefits of abstinence? What should I do?

(This one you should actually go read. There is an interesting and very Freudian discussion about Chastity Rings and "Mommy Dates" that will set your mind spinning)

4. But abstinence until marriage is unrealistic. Aren't you ignoring the reality of premarital sex?

Ah, you must be one of them liberals. The truth of the matter is, if you don't set unrealistic standards, you will always be satisfied with your life, and that makes baby Jesus cry. So go set yourself up for failure, kids!

5. But homosexuals can't or don't get married. Aren't you discriminating against this population by promoting abstinence until marriage?

Um, riiight. Moving on . . .

6. By teaching abstinence, aren't you ignoring the need for education about contraceptives for those teens who are sexually active?

Arent YOU ignoring the creeping epidemics of syphillis? Aren't you? You WANT those teenagers to get herpes! All the better to serve your secular humanistic, pinko commie plan!

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