Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday random ten: rainy day edition

I'm all sleepy because I was out late last night for wings and $1 beer at Ladies' Night in Longmont . . . and then I went home and watched part of my new "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" DVD before crashing. I was so pleased that the movie has one of Stewie's "Sexy Parties" in it, where he puts on a captain's hat, Benny Hill music comes on and women in lingerie parade around the house in fast motion. I think that for my next party, I'm just going to have invites with Stewie on them: "Come to another one of my Sexy Parties!."

Anyway, onto the music. The gray weather is adding to my need to hibernate, so here are some downbeat favorites:

1. Portishead, "Roads." On a day like today, Portishead is like hot cocoa spiked with spanish fly.

2. Travis, "Sing." I think I wore grooves into "The Invisible Band" when I was in college. These boys do amazing things with a banjo.

3. Beck, "End of the Day," from Sea Change. Sea Change is the album Beck did without moving his lips.

4. Massive Attack, "Teardrop." Oooh, I love this song. Warms you up inside like a good martini.

5. The Pixies, "Where is my Mind?" Ah. Makes me want to be Helena Bonham Carter.

6. Thievery Corporation, "Indra." A cool, slow song mixed up with Bollywood beats.

7. Tori Amos, "Spark." I like the songs Tori does that sound like she's playing music underwater.

8. Aphex Twin, "IZ-US." This guy is so weird, but makes such pretty music.

9. Bic Runga, "Election Night." I need her to come out with something new. Perhaps I should follow the cue of the "free Fiona" people and send a bunch of Bic lighters to her record company?

10. Coldplay, "Clocks." Yeah, I know, pop sellouts, lazy version of U2, big fat weenies who marry Tenenbaums, yes, I know. But I can't help it, I love this song.

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  1. As several people commented on my blog when I confessed to liking "X&Y:" fuck the haters. Coldplay is a good band.

    Did I just say that? Quick, where's that Wu-Tang Clan CD?