Thursday, October 27, 2005

Let's just be obsessively loyal friends, OK?

Miers pulled out. I kinda thought she would. Of all the ambiguities in her record, personal politics and character, the only real consistent traits I ever saw in her were slavering, Condoleeza-esque loyalty and a fierce protectiveness of her own secrets. At some point she probably decided it was in the best interests of Big Daddy Dubya and herself to bow out and let him fry the bigger fish that seem to keep piling up on him . . .

At any rate, I'd like to clarify yesterday's post a bit, seeing as how all my big blog brothers dogpiled me for what I said about Nixon v. Bush as far as corruption goes . . . Here goes. The administration as a whole, the Bush Tapestry if you will, is no doubt much, much worse than Nixon's little foray into breaking and entering. This is absolutely true. The elections were certainly not clean, the war is a sham, etc. etc. Yes. True. What I meant to convey is my opinion that the Plame affair itself is a blip on the corruption radar screen. While I'll be happy as anyone else if this is the straw that breaks the bloated Bush camel's back, outing Valerie Plame alone is not, to my mind, as bad as Watergate was at the time it occured.

That said, Nixon was an amateur to corruption compared with the larger picture here.

And Patrick Fitzgerald?

Still hot.


  1. at first i thought you were loopy mad about fitzgerald's hottness factor (proving that even vv can fall for a man picked by an ashcroft justice department), but now that i look at him, he does bear a resemblence to hal hartley stud martin donovan.

    (fyi - they say once you go legal, you can never file an appeal...)

  2. (fyi - they say once you go legal, you can never file an appeal...)

    Aw fer chrissakes . . .

    Good call on the Donovan comparison, though.

    And hey, the "Bush: More Will Die" headline is good, but USA Today ran one several weeks ago that said "Turkey Investigating Bird Flu."