Thursday, October 13, 2005

Postcards from Pakistan

Conversation in the car today:
(NPR in background, talking about quake developments)

Me: I don't get these people who think that God is punishing sinners by creating natural disasters. If anything, it looks like God hates brown people, not gay people.

Sister: I think he hates us all. That's why he's hitting all the hot vacation spots.

Me: Yeah. Like Pakistan.

Sister: OK, not the best example.


  1. NPR had a great little spot on shortly after the tsunami that had members of various religions explaining the significance.

    The Jew made the most sense, basically saying that the God of the Jews doesn't micro-manage the cosmos. Plus, he loves us and wouldn't do something like that to his children.

    Of course, the Baptist was the wackiest, using the Pat Robertson approach that the tsunami was punishment for all the sinners and people "over here" should start looking at their own lives just, in case.

    The Muslim guy was pretty loony about it too, considering it was a couple hundred thousand of his fellows in faith that were washed away.

  2. What happens in Peshawar...stays in Peshawar (probably along with one of your limbs).

  3. Oh, that comment above was funny!

    Oy! I never got those people who think the earthquakes are a punishment.

    Here in California, we use science to explain earthquakes. Fault lines, Richter scales. I haven't heard a single person say, "Perhaps we could raise money for Pakistan to retrofit some buildings. It couldn't hurt, could it?"