Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or . . . trick, I guess

Mia Wallace was a hit at the Saturday party . . . I'll get some photos up of tonight's bar crawl in Boulder sometime tomorrow.

So the Alito nomination totally killed my Fitzmas buzz, which was really too bad. But I kind of saw it coming. Did I really think that Bush would somehow come through with a well-reasoned, balanced choice for SCOTUS? I'm not that naive. But "Scalito" is almost a slap in the face . . . just when you think you've prepared yourself for how bad a nominee could be, this guy comes along.

And on NPR this morning, the conservadroid commentator was trying to defend him as a "judge's judge" by mentioning a case wherein he'd defended a Muslim police officer's right to wear a beard at work. That's great, but he also argued that a woman considering abortion should be required by law to notify her husband of her choice. The beard thing doesn't quite cover up that, or the fact that Alito was the lone dissenter in the Planned Parenthood V. Casey case.

Again, I've made it clear that I doubt Bush has any serious designs on reversing Roe V. Wade. But Planned Parenthood V. Casey was primarily about privacy, not abortion, and in the post-9/11 world, privacy is quickly becoming a bigger issue than Roe ever could be.


  1. i think it's awesome and super we keep getting all of these gay justices.

  2. And what's with another white guy? I mean, please. They're making it a big deal that he is Italian. The Supreme Court is like Honkies on Parade, and, yeah, I am including Clarence Thomas.

    I am sure that there were qualified conservatives out there who weren't necessarily white and who weren't necessarily male. ARGH.