Friday, November 11, 2005

The cat is strange

It's too bad this is so blurry. I just looked over and there she was, in the tub.


  1. It is a pity it's blurred, but it's comedy and cuteness for the price of one!

  2. I know that tubs and other bath fixtures can be places for kitty to cool down if it's hot. My cat spent a lot of time in the bathroom sink in the summertime, all curled up. cuuuuuute.

    Then I'd turn the water on a slow drip and see how long it took her to notice.

    She never got too mad about it. Honest. Usually once she noticed she'd get out, and start pawing at the water coming from the tap.

  3. Curly does that too, usually right after I get out of the shower. He walks around the edge of the tub, with equal parts of fascination with, and terror of the remainders of the water left behind. ;)

  4. Oh damn, that's adorable. It's like a painting waiting to happen!

  5. precious and priceless...

    that's SUCH a funny foto...

  6. Here via Corndog--

    Our cat does that all the time. And she'll take her little kitty stuffed animal in there, too, so you have to be careful when you turn on the shower.

    When I was growing up our old cat used to sit in between the shower curtain and the liner while my dad showered. Every. day.

    Nice blog!

  7. One of my cats races to the bathroom with me every morning and hops in the tub, where he meows until I turn on a trickle of water for him to drink. If it weren't so doggone cute it'd be really damn annoying.