Thursday, November 10, 2005

Keep Kansas Dum!

While Dover, Penn., had the good sense to boot out eight school board members who were advancing an "intelligent design" policy on their public schools, Kansas, true to form, embraces idiocy with both hands.

Read this:

"This is a great day for Kansas schools. They will be able to have critical analysis of neo-Darwinianism and won't have to be taught evolution as dogma," Kansas Board of Education Chairman Steve Abrams, Arkansas City, said.

"They won't have to be taught evolution as dogma."

Kansas seems to have a particular taste for irony.


  1. "...Kansas, true to form, embraces idiocy with both hands."

    Hands, moreover, that most likely do not have opposable thumbs.

    (word verification: fgodva. Creepy!)

  2. irony? ain't that when you get ta ironin' too much?

  3. i'm sad and angry. why does my state suck?

  4. Your state sucks because it has a declining agricultural economy which has caused people to turn to religion which undermines the science need to make an agricultural economy work and promotes the election of idiot Republicans, thereby creating a vicious cycle.

  5. although, one prominent kansas politician (can't remember who at the moment) recent saw the light and changed parties to joined our team. and gov. kathleen sebelius really spoke out in rage against the school board that passed this bogus piece of crap so at least there's that, right?