Monday, November 21, 2005

The scene

The Lawyer and I went out to the Hi Dive Friday to catch Bright Channel and get some sweet potato fries. As usual I was more impressed by the opening bands . . . especially a group called everything absent or distorted, a seven-man ensemble of guys who met on craigslist. Among the more interesting parts of their performance is the presence of an accordion, a trombone, a banjo, a vintage 80s synthesizer and a band member who amuses the crowd by performing calisthenics throughout the show.

To hear, click here.

To hear the second band, The Clap, click here.

And the headliners, Bright Channel, can be found here.

And for a great 'zine story on the debilitating affects of Hipster Apathy Disorder, click here. I'm pretty sure I had the initial stages of H.A.D. Type A but was able to work through it with therapy and the support of my friends:

H.A. Type A: Designer Ironic
(The most common form of H.A.) Characteristics of a person with H.A.D.I. include: insisting on wearing designer jeans with vintage promotional beer T-shirts, sporting any kind of “ironic” hairstyle (which includes but is not limited to: the mullet, the rat-tail, or the perm), and having a general lazy attitude toward anything involving the real world. Once some one has full blown H. A. (and especially those with Type A), he or she is disgusted with others who don’t live in their fake world where knowing the full Radiohead and/or Pulp discography makes them a god. H.A.D. I. is most often caught by spending too much time at Urban outfitters, dancing excessively to The Jam and Blur at the same lame retro club night, or from the opening on PBR cans.

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