Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spinal transplant successful, Dems call secret session

Let 'em have it, Harry.

The thing that made this Reid news so special is the ensuing lack of response from the Republicans. I went home last night to zone out and eat some leftovers in front of the TV, hoping to catch some headlines on how the MSM was handling this.

CNN was pretty much on it, CSPAN had developments, MSNBC was touching on it. And Fox? What was Fox reporting for about the sixth day in a row?


Over at Sadly No, Gavin used the term "Tectonic vertigo." Things are shifting underfoot. And all you need to prove that is the fact that Fox isn't running Bill Frist's whiny clips accusing the Democrats of having no principles and of slapping him in the face. Fox is, instead, trying to do a media bait and switch with a pretty white girl who has been missing since summer with no real developments on the case. They got nothing. They got worse than nothing- Natalee Holloway is practically a holding pattern. The spin machine tried to get started and sputtered out like a 82 Volvo with a faulty fuel line. I expect to see them try again to paint the Dems as shrill bullies and try to go for the victim card again. But let me just say this.

Bill Frist: When you act like a bitch, you gonna get bitchslapped.


  1. Heh. When the news was breaking that Libby had just been indicted, all the local networks broke in to cover the story. Except Fox, which continued to cover the Houston Astros rally with nary a blip.

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