Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It's the day before Thanksgiving, and sometimes in the mess of mashed potatoes and yams and three bean casserole, we lose the true meaning of the holiday.

You know, how Jesus sat down with the pilgrims and turned one turkey into a multitude . . . no, wait, that's not it.

It's Thanksgiving, a holiday to remember what you are thankful for. This time last year, I had a hell of a time coming up with anything worth celebrating. But this year is shaping up to be a much more generous one. So here's what I have to be grateful about this holiday:

1. Patrick Fitzgerald. Sexy, sexy Patrick Fitzgerald.

2. I am thankful for 60 degree temps in Colorado in November. Hey, no rule says you can't enjoy global warming, right?

3. Jon Stewart, who dressed down bowtie-wearing buffoon Tucker Carlson in grand style on Crossfire.

4. I am thankful for the movie Anchorman. It has brought light into my life.

5. Rep. John Murtha. It's about freakin' time the Democrats grew a spine and demanded an end to the war.

6. I am thankful for the growing numbers of people who refuse to approve of the job Bush is doing.

7. Amy Goodman.

8. My bloggy friends Dex, Norbizness, Gavin, Pete, NTodd and teh l4m3 for continuing to fight the good fight (or at least continuing to make light of the situation).

9. I'm thankful for the Lawyer . . .

10. I'm thankful for friends, family . . . and the light at the end of the tunnel. Last year, I couldn't see it. It seemed a long way off. But it's coming now, I can see it . . .


  1. Well said, Vespal. I'm thankful for my beautiful 3 year old son, Thomas. He brings joy into my life on a daily basis.

  2. Mike Moore's meeting with Dems in his hometown on CSpam was a nice item for the otherwise overmarketed weekend...

  3. I am thankful for my daughter, a senoir at CU who disagrees w/me on most things political....
    For the courage of Cindy Sheehan and all the others who speak for truth and justice in any public forum consequences be damned...
    For Bev Harris and her tireless effort to bring down Diebold...
    For John Stewart (with Help from Lewis Black, Rob Cordry et al) for reminding me that politics IS A LAUGHING MATTER...
    For Jimmy Carter who did not cash in his Ex-Presidency, got that Bill ?...
    For all the bloggers who drw a line in the sand and remind the MSM when it is crossed...
    And for November which always reminds me of the lives of JFK and John Lennon

  4. i am thankful for gabor's, sunday nights with vestal vespa, highlander comics, my whole blogroll, friends in different states, websites that sell cool t-shirts, and capitol hill.

  5. Things I am grateful for

    1) my lovely wife and cats
    2) friends, family, bookcases
    3) employed at a union job, with bennies.
    4) Not broke or in serious medical straits
    5) Daily Show, BSG, House, Lost, VM as my TV diet
    6) A virtual support network via the blog (that includes you, VV)
    7) The music of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Bjork, Morcheeba and zillions of others.

  6. I'm grateful for
    --everyone at Eschaton, including you VV
    --Mr. Soprano and our daughters
    --having a good job with a good boss (even if it doesn't pay a whole lot)
    --Jon Stewart, et alia, and Stephen Colbert, because they make me laugh
    --books and music
    --the opportunity and ability to do something for somebody else

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  7. I'm thankful for wool socks and an electric blanket, Led Zeppelin and my fan club at the coffee shop, free beer at the pizza place and my family that makes me laugh when I want to cry. I'm also a big fan of the Constitution right now, especially the first amendment.

  8. I'm thankful for:
    My family
    The roof over my head
    The warm bed I sleep in each night
    Work that is meaningful

  9. I'm thankful for my two families (mine and hubby's), my husband, having a puppy to play with, my job, coffee, my laptop, City of Villains, Masters of Horror, living in Canada, having time to write and draw, and the future. Oh, and blogs. And cool people my age that I can live through vicariously ;)

  10. Making light seems to be about the only thing left for us these days.