Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tuesday List: Incredibly Selfish Edition

It's all about ME! As if the nearly weekly indictments of prominent Republicans weren't enough of a gift . . .


1. Ooh. Sparkly.

2. This Denver artist is one of my new favorites- sexy David Lynch guitar sound behind the lead singer's Spanish lyrics.

3. I'm a sucker for a cool handbag

4. I dig these glasses.

5. The voyeur in me loves Postsecret, a blog where people send their deepest secrets, written on handmade postcards. Now there is a real Postsecret book of these amazing pieces of outsider art.

6. I have always wanted a Hedwig poster.

7. It's really too bad this T-shirt is sold out.

8. Funny, five minutes ago I didn't even know there was a Criterion edition of The Life of Brian, but now I fear I can't go on living without it.

9. I'm told I need to have this. After listening to a few tracks, I'm convinced.

10. I always need candles because sometimes I walk into my apartment only to be welcomed by the smell of cat and basement.

If this isn't enough for you, you all know where to buy beer, right?


  1. I checked into the Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill website, and apparently they don't deliver. You're S.O.L.!