Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Unpopular war, unpopular president

I predict with the utmost confidence that support for the war will go into the teens this holiday season.

It's already down to 25 percent.

I think Americans are getting tired of the War on Terror rhetoric. I think the Neocons overestimated the mileage they could get out of 9/11.

I've been wrong many, many times before when I give the American people the benefit of the doubt, but I really think that people are sick of the "9/11 is the reason we're 'liberating' Iraq" argument." As the war goes on and the insurgents keep coming like so many sugar ants, people are beginning to "get" that the war is not about their safety or the safety of the Iraqi people.

I think we're going to see many people turn away from Bush this winter as people with kids and husbands and brothers in Iraq face yet another Christmas without them.

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