Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another little bit of Alito history

Apparently Alito helped throw out the Black Panthers' lawsuit against the federal government.

And so, I would argue, he's a big part of the reason such cases would have only the slimmest of chances of even making it to the Supreme Court today.


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  2. little do you know, vestal vespa, that if you mix up "black panthers," you get:

    albck thanersp

    which sounds arabic, even looks arabic, if you put a hyphen there...

    alb-ck thanersp

    and SO, samuel alito was preemptively staving off what was probably a nascent thread of militant islam.

    and so, another threat to the american way is revealed by a pale white boy and a keyboard...

  3. WOW! Deleted comments. Makes you wonder what was said, don't it?

    And the longer Scalito hangs out there as nom, the more opposition comes out and the more documents are revealed. Think the guy has some deleted comment history.