Thursday, December 15, 2005


My entire apartment smells like chicken soup. I cooked up a big crock pot full of homemade chicken stock for matzoh ball soup last night and now my apartment has the comforting aroma of a cozy little Yenta's flat on the Lower East Side.

Today the mountains were stunning on my drive to work- powdered with snow and a big fat moon sitting right atop the Indian Peaks.

There are days when it's just hard to get all cynical about stuff. This is one of them.

I'll try to cook up some frustration about the Iraqi election tomorrow. Right now, life is pretty good, even if I am at work and even if I am afraid of Alito. When life hands you neocons, make matzoh ball soup. It won't change the world, but it will at least help you get through the week.


  1. In Dallas last week we had a day of ice and no work or school so I made stock from some smoked turkey drumsticks. Something about making stock and having that smell in the house is very comforting when life is tough. I did cheat and cook it only 3 hours instead of the 5 in the cookbook.

    Making stock - the new antidepressant!

  2. My husband is a Alton Brown fan, and makes one hell of a soup from left over turkey carcass. We just finished it last week, and it is wicked awesome.