Friday, December 09, 2005

Happy Secular Winter Holiday Season

From Gavin over at Sadly, No!

I'll hang this by my virtual fireplace with care.

And now, onto the music . . .

A few new discoveries this week:

1. Edith Frost, "It's a Game." A sweet, sad little song. I like Edith- she's like Aimee Mann with a nice balance of sweetness and angst.

2. Ashton Allen, "Center of the Universe." I love the honky tonk piano sound and the trumpet at the end.

3. Hudson Bell, "The Falls" I'm in kind of a folksy mode right now, and this guy kicks out a great electric folk sound with Beta Bandy vocals.

4. Cowboy Curse, "Heroin Hair." This Denver band just finished their first "big" album, and I'm looking forward to it. I dig their 50s rock sound mixed with crazy lyrics and great harmonies.

5. Fisher Mystic, "Curtains." Another Denver band. Stoney, instrumentally-focused rock good for a lazy day inside.

6. The Absolute Zeros, "Scrape." This would be the song in the big makeout scene in an indie flick featuring Scarlett Johanssen and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

7. The Sleepers, "Honey." Fun surfy rock with female vocals. I dig it.

8. Bright Channel, "Final Stretch" A little something harder- screechy but smooth indy rock. The best kind.

9. Moccasin, "Emerald Shadow." Good guitars in this one. Very 60s-70s.

10. Monofog, "Zombie Love Song." A Fort Collins rock band- you gotta love a band from an ag school town.

Other updates before I break for the weekend:

1. The new column came out today, a loosely reworked version of the "Fuck This War" post. Got a call this a.m. from a woman who wants me to use it as a topic and give a talk at her women's business networking group's next meeting. This involves free food. I'm so there. Now I can put "guest speaker" on my resume, right?

2. Traffic court tonite. Wish me luck talking down my ticket . . .

Until next time . . .


  1. Yeah! Stick it to the man!

    Good luck, in all seriousness. (But it is fun to say "stick it to the man".)

  2. Ha ha. Traffic court. I have visions of Eddie from AbFab giving her whatdowepaytaxesforlawsexistforthestupid speech.

    Go get 'em, Tiger.