Thursday, December 22, 2005

How would Jesus evolve?

I was tipped off about the renewed ID debate yesterday by a colleague. It seems that if you read any further than the A section in any AP newspaper last week, you would have known that a certain Judge John E. Jones effectively dismissed any legitimacy that the Intelligent Design crowd ever pretended to have.

The ruling is not only significant in its dismantling of ID as "science" by any definition, it shows the entire ID debate for exactly what it is; "a 'ground clearing operation' to allow Christianity to receive serious consideration [in schools]."

In all honesty, I believe the ID debate is much like the "War on Christmas" non-issue. It's just another way for folks like O'Reilly to get the vocal minority in a tizzy about a percieved violation of their right to practice their particular brand of Christianity. But this victory in Dover, PA, shows that these kinds of issues rarely have legs.

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  1. I heard about that ruling. Only need a few Representatives and Senators to be voted out and we cna begin to rebuild the US.

    Did you see that stuff about the christmas war over on 3Bulls! ?

    They had some links to some truly outrageous crap. One video from Gibbons(?) from FoxNotreallyNews Channel was particularly funny. In the bad way.