Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's easy if you try

I was conceived sometime in the two or three months following John Lennon's death, so effectively, I have never shared the planet with him. And this time of year, I always feel a deep sadness about that fact.

I hadn't thought much about John Lennon lately until I saw the mosaic pictured above, in Central Park, when I spent a day wandering the city and waiting for my sister and friend to arrive. It was a beautiful, quiet March Sunday, and they had fenced off the park so people could run, bike and even ride horses in the empty roadways. The city was just beginning to wake up from Winter. Leaves were just budding out, green was returning to the grass, and the Gates were juxtaposed against the bare but promising trees. And I surprised myself when I discovered the "Imagine" monument. Located a short distance from the Dakota apartment that John and Yoko shared, it spoke to me of a time I never knew, a hopeful time that was shot down with him before I was even born.

I was listening this morning to Pacifica Radio, and a Lennon biographer brought up a striking and painful point. Think for a moment about who gets assassinated in America. We do not execute our warmongers, our hate-filled bigots, our ideologues.

We kill the peacemakers. We kill the revolutionaries. We kill those who wish for a freer, a more equal and a quieter world. In America, we kill the dreamers.

But the magical part of all that is that even though so many of our most forward-thinking people are cut down by those who would ferociously defend the status quo, there are still people who dare to let people like John Lennon inspire their lives. In America, they kill the dreamers. But they have yet to kill the dream.


  1. Dims gag out choke lies from brute froth holes.

  2. it seems like the surest way to live a long life is to advocate violence. ain't life grand?

  3. Ramen.

    --Silleigh, who fergits her Blogger password

  4. Moving post. I had not thought about how it's the dreamers that get assasinated but not the ones who hate. Even in these bleak times, I have for America my adopted home. There will always be hope as long as people like us who dream and share in the dream don't give up.

  5. anonymous was karmic_jay.. if that counts cos I forget my blogger password like Silleigh.

  6. Wow, a visit from Mr. Dith. Must be a slow day at 8th grade computer class.

  7. I was conceived sometime in the two or three months following John Lennon's death...

    I feel old...

  8. Hey, what??? I was 3 when that nutsack shot him.

  9. John Lennon fought for hearts and minds and never shed blood in so doing... he was the conqueror.

    They'll never accomplish what he did in any way. That's why people can go there and keep the love alive.

    You've been on quite a pilgrimage, Ves.