Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Moroni beats your A-team.


Oh, this is too cool.

Book of Mormon action figures. For the person on your list who has everything.


  1. But, but, but, where are the action figures of the dynamic father-and-son heros Hifi and Wifi?

    Maybe Atrosians could chip in and get NTodd at full set of Stripping Warriors.

    - bo

  2. I bought an action figure of the prophet Mormon for a friend of mine once. He laughed hysterically and took it to all the holiday parties.

  3. I think I'm going to replace my traditional front yard nativity scene with a huge diorama of the Mountain Meadows massacre this year.

  4. The latest G.I. Joe action figure, Spanish Inquisition Don, comes with water boarding accessories. This Real American Hero can't wait to apply duress to Book of Mormon martyrs. GO JOE!

  5. Methinks your definition of "cool" diverges from mine in a significant way.

    They sure are buff, however.