Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday List


1. Driving to Longmont on I-25 with the top down in 65 degree weather

2. Spending the weekend with Little Vespa, who leaves to save the African Continent in February

3. Kicking serious ass at the family scrabble game

4. Borders gift cards= ability to catch up on hipster credentials (Pixies, Surfer Rosa; Belle and Sebastian, If You're Feeling Sinister; Decemberists, Picaresque; Sigur Ros, (); Edith Frost, It's a Game)

5. Waking up Christmas Morning under a pile of purring tuxedo cat in my parents' attic guest room

6. Discovering the Elvis station on my parents' satellite radio selection

7. My mom's mashed potatoes

8. My dad: "Goose is steak that flies."

9. My mom promising to make me a wallet like Samuel L. Jackson's from Pulp Fiction

10. Having more fun than it makes sense to be having. As usual.

1 comment:

  1. Number nine and Mom is making it?

    Your folks raised you in rad-ness!

    LV- is that sis? VV and LV?
    Good to hear how well things went there.

    I found out one relative was a union buster at payroll.Talk about a let-down. Someone you always admired and she turns out to take her job too seriously.

    Anyways her girl was treasurer of a Dems party in one of the big blue state machines for the collage she goes to.

    But she hates to talk politics. Talk about a case of withdrawal/ jonesing for a conversation. She says it's all local.

    Anyways he uncle was there and had to make a morning drive for his transit company. So he missed out Christmas food to drive. His trucking company was in NOLA. They had 23 human bodies wash up alongside their work fence in the swell of flood that was Katrina.

    Didn't hear much from the media regarding that. he slept in a tenet and worked there a good while before obtaining a transfer. Imagine being thankful for a cot.

    All in all, hearing as much turned Fitzmas into Fristmas...