Monday, December 05, 2005


We actually got a voice mail at the paper today with this direct quote:

"If they would stay out of our country we would have jobs for Americans and if the greedy businesses would hire and pay Americans for the jobs these illegal immigrants do, we would have no problems."

If only life were as simple as people like her think it is. If only we could just deport every last wetback, we would have no problems! If only those gays would just go back into the closets from whence they came, everything would be just dandy! If only we could ban pit bulls, nobody would ever be killed by a vicious dog again!

Oh, to live entirely free from the concept of Gray Area. What a lovely and pure understanding of the world. How simple.

Next thing you know, cosmetic surgeons will be able to remove the parts of your brain that make you worry about things that are uncertain or troubling. Preemptive Botox.



  1. About one week of paying fair-wage grocery prices would probably break your voice-mailer.

  2. "They took 'er jobs!" Der der DER!"

    And to mr norbizness, why does a rise in the labor rate automagically have to mean a rise in the price to the consumer? The bidnesses have been getting a pretty sweet deal so far. I'd like to see them come back to reality. Sadly, I will be very blue and dead if I hold my breath until that happens.